Rude Revue

World Class Low Brow
Odd Fox, Inc.

the project


Design a brand that appeals to people wanting to have a night on the town and let their hair down.

Elevate the brand to align with future growth plans

Develop a tagline to communicate the high production value and willingness to have fun

the brand

This brand is the embodiment of authentic showmanship, reflecting the excitement of vaudelville and cabaret- style shows. The brand consists of a bright red lit marquee in a shape resembling a corner marquee. Balloons in the shape of RUDE float above and symbolize the fun and irreverence—not to mention showcasing the rudeness of the word RUDE, while the marquee and REVUE in art-deco letters are reminiscent of a traditional cabaret- style experience.

flat logo


brand palette


font story


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