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  • The Skullery Maid
    Branding, Graphic design, Print management
  • KC Rim Shop
    Branding, Campaign creation, Copywriting, Digital marketing, Graphic design, Marketing strategy, Video production, Web design, Web development
  • Newfangle
    Branding, Graphic design, Print management
  • Martika
    Graphic design, Marketing strategy, Print management


  • Branding

    When you hand someone your business card, is it a memorable experience for them? Your brand is the first thing people notice about your business, so make that first interaction unique and memorable.

  • Graphic Design

    Great design leads to great collaborations. Your graphic designer is your lifeline to communicate with your audience, and you’ll want to hire a designer/firm that knows how to communicate your message clearly.

  • Web Design

    The rules companies follow to reach consumers have changed. We’ve amassed the tools (and created some of our own) that will help your new website do more than you ever thought possible.

  • Marketing

    Having trouble getting noticed in a crowded marketplace? Odd Fox works with content creators and social media experts to craft stunning marketing campaigns that will attract quality clientele.

  • Production

    We find effective ways to automate and/or speed up production so you can spend less time worrying about busywork and more time on the things you would rather spend your time doing, like taking naps.

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