A digital & physical trading card game
Odd Fox, Inc.

the project

Brand Logo + user interface + icon design

Envision a brand for a collectible playing card game

Craft an intuitive on-card UI that incorporates visual heirarchy, on the fly information management, and ease of understanding

Build three distinct card types that are easily distinguishable by their design

Develop faction symbols that tie in with that faction's lore

the brand


Manacrest thrusts you into a thrilling adventure where you assume the role of a formidable faction leader amidst a world torn by conflict. Engage in epic battles, wielding mighty Units, unleashing potent Spells, and tapping into the ancient might of Relics as you strive to conquer your adversaries and assert your dominion.

With its accessible gameplay, Manacrest is designed to be easily grasped by newcomers, while offering a depth that presents a true challenge for those seeking mastery.

Odd Fox was brought on board during the design phase, after the Kickstarter was concluded. We created the sigils for the factions, designed the card backs, and redesigned the playing card UI to be more user-friendly. After a few months of development, the 2020 pandemic occurred, and the game was ultimately never released.

logo development


brand palette


font story


card design

card back


unit card


spell card


relic card



Manacrest encompasses five unique factions, each offering distinct strengths, weaknesses, and playstyles. When constructing a deck, players must decide to align with a single faction. Below are the sigils we designed for each faction–designed with the game's vast lore and different playstyles in mind.

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