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Focusing on causes that matter


We're all about great causes. Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance exists to serve and advocate for immigrant rights and higher education for undocumented youth regardless of citizenship status, sexual orientation, race, color, gender, and national or ethnic origin.

We completed this project in 2018.


Kansas/Missouri Dream Alliance wanted to update their branding in time for a 10th Anniversary Gala happening in September of 2018. They hired Odd Fox, Inc. to rebrand the non-profit. As the branding project proceeded, the scope of the project expanded into event collateral and merchandise.


We took KSMODA on a branding adventure, working with their team to craft a meaningful, vibrant brand that could last for years to come. Once that work was completed, we worked closely with their planning committee to build visuals for their knockout event in which they raised over $50,000.

Branding Overhaul

We took KSMODA's current branding and revisited some of the ways the organization has changed over the years, culminating in the brand you see today!

Print Collateral

We designed a poster that was hung everywhere and distributed online to draw attention to the event.


We designed several T-shirts and stickers that were sold at the gala event.

Program Design

We designed an elegant booklet for the gala that helped focus and solidify the messaging.

project Focus

Branding Overhaul

When KSMODA approached us to update their branding for their 10th Anniversary, we were excited to help facilitate the journey. KSMODA was formed in 2008 to advocate for undocumented immigrants and empowered youth to fight for access to higher education.

Since DACA was enacted, KSMODA has fought (and succeeded) to stop some local deportations, and continues to mentor and protect Dreamers, helping them navigate the application process. They are an amazing organization, and they were very detail-conscious when we collaborated on the new logo.


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Program design

Ushering in second decade of its existence, we felt that using a backdrop of stars on the Gala branding was representative of the direction KSMODA was taking. Carefully using typography, color, and layout, we built rapport with the reader and represented KSMODA as an organization of reliability, capability, and heart.



A great fundraising tool for organizations looking to expand their awareness is in merch. We helped KSMODA develop stickers and t-shirts to give and sell to donors. This was an effective tool, and the attendees loved being able to represent their community with stickers and apparel.


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