KC Rim Shop

Project Brief

Website overhaul with online catalog and digital marketing

We initially designed KC Rim Shop’s website back in 2014. It has served them well, bringing more attention and sales to their local brand, but in 2017 something seemed to be missing. We brainstormed, analyzed the behavior of visitors to the site, and drafted a plan to revitalize and expand their control over their brand.

Inspired by the need for KC Rim Shop to stand out and compete with larger companies, we created updated brand visuals that communicated a fresh take on their old logo. The new logo is much more readable, and will instantly stand out in peoples’ minds.

We have begun crafting their new website, and we’re excited to show you what we come up with. We are connecting their page to the inventories of their suppliers to create a one-stop catalog for all of their products and services. This project has required some intense coding work, and we’re excited to deploy once we get client approval.

Lastly, we developed a customizable online marketing plan that will grow with the company as they attract more clientele. From custom blog posts, targeted e-mail marketing, and online ads, they’re sure to attract the right customers and add to their solid, loyal customer base.

Project Scope

Campaign creation
Digital marketing
Graphic design
Marketing strategy
Video production
Web design
Web development

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