Seriously Spicy Tea
Odd Fox, Inc.

the project

Branding + packaging + Illustration

Envision a brand for a spicy tea company

Craft lush, unique illustrations of invented mythical endangered creatures

Build flavor profiles that will appeal to adventurous consumers


the brand


Introducing Hottea: A Spicy Adventure for Your Senses! Immerse yourself in a tantalizing fusion of flavors that will ignite your taste buds and warm your soul. Our exotic blend of spices and hand-picked tea leaves creates a transcendant experience you'll keep coming back to.

Step into a world where taste meets conservation. As you hold your steaming cup of Hottea, allow your imagination to wander amidst the vibrant illustrations of majestic creatures on the brink of extinction. Feel the thrill of supporting their habitats as a portion of the proceeds from every purchase goes directly to their preservation.

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