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Why We’re Different

You’ve heard it all before. Be yourself. Take chances. Stand out from the crowd. Walk the road less traveled. Not as easy as it looks?

Odd Fox is all about forging new paths, embracing the weird, eating expired m&m’s, and helping you forge your brand’s unique place in the marketplace. We’ve got tons of experience, employees with large skillsets, and a team of freelancers we work closely with to meet those deadlines.

Your seat at the table is not guaranteed. Let’s kick some teeth in.

Odd Fox is a bite-size full service studio serving small and large businesses in the midwest founded in 2015. Our passion is to create a lasting connection between consumers with brands they fall in love with. Your digital handshake needs to be like Ryan Gosling: brilliant, attractive, and memorable.

We work with business owners to help grow their brands sustainably and effectively, introducing new technology to help connect them to customers they wouldn’t otherwise reach. Our network of freelancers is on call 24/7 to bring the best in content creation to achieve marketing goals in the ever changing social landscape.

Not all businesses need branding and marketing–some are just looking for high volume production art solutions. This is where our network excels. We’ve created a system by which our firm can telescope exponentially to handle large, technical, time-consuming projects. Whether you need us to put a watermark on 50,000 photos, create a video instruction series, or finish tens of thousands of art files for screen printing, we will figure out the fastest, most affordable, and most accurate way to complete any task you throw at us.

Paul Oldham

Paul Oldham

  • Lead Designer
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer

Paul Oldham founded Odd Fox, Inc. in 2015 to allow him to continue to cater to his clients’ growing needs. That year, Paul graduated from Penn Valley Community college with a degree in Graphic Design. Paul currently resides with his husband and 9 chinchillas in Kansas City, MO.

Jerry Hodge

  • Front End Developer
  • Designer
  • Data Guy

Jerry Hodge attached himself to Odd Fox, Inc. in 2016, bringing almost two decades of passionate design experience. When he’s not pushing pixels around the screen, he’s usually pushing tacos into his mouth. Jerry can be found running the mean streets of Kansas City, MO.

Jerry Hodge


foresight is 20/20

At each stage in the design process, you will have an open, clear line of communication. You can be as hands on (or off!) as you desire, but we’ll continue to check in and stick to deadlines as if our lives depend on it.

Every detail of your project represents a conscious choice made. No successful project is an accident, and we are not Bob Ross. While we do make masterpieces out of mistakes, happy little accidents are not our modus operandi.


when you hire a design firm

Hiring a designer/firm is like naming your baby–it’s hard to change once you’ve already invested time and money. Before you take the plunge, do your due diligence and make sure that the design firm you choose is equipped to meet your expectations.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a designer:

The “WHY”

When you approach Odd Fox, you’re going to get a lot of questions about why you are in business. If you’re unsure about “why” of your business, then rest assured, your customers won’t know either, and you’ll have trouble connecting and making sales. If you’re struggling to come up with the underlying mission, vision, and personality your business represents, we offer consulting services to take your brand from a great idea on a napkin to a fully realized brand identity with a message that connects. You’re going to need a design firm that sees eye to eye with your unique answer to the question “why?“.


Every project goes through several distinct stages: Discovery, Proposal, Contract, Research, Development, Execution, and Deployment. We have several ongoing projects at any one time, and so time management is an important facet of our studio. The sooner you begin the conversation with us about what you’re looking for, the sooner we can get it into the pipeline and introduce your business to the world. Deadlines are important to us, and we won’t work without one.


In what has become the “gig” economy, many people are trying to find the lowest possible price for products and services. We are aware of the DIY website tools out there, and we know you can pay your fifteen year old nephew 1/10th of what we cost to make a mediocre logo for your business. Our clients expect a level of quality that our teenage selves were frankly incapable of. We are committed to keeping overhead costs as low as possible and still be able to deliver an exceptional product that meets our clients’ goals.

Hiring Odd Fox will cost less than other similar firms, we meet our deadlines, and we can help focus your brand so that if a potential customer ever asks you what you’re about, you’ll have a snappy answer that will bring them into your fold of fervent brand ambassadors.

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