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the secret distinctive sauce that makes your business awesome—made real in the eyes of your customers

There are two types of brand designers

Logo Designers & Brand Strategists

A logo is not a brand—it's a visual shortcut that builds upon the deep brand strategy work that takes place beforehand. If a client "just needs a logo," that's ok—it's just not going to meet the needs that a brand would. We are not logo designers—we build brands.

Think of a strategyless logo like a bandaid—customers can see that you're covering up the work you didn't do. They may not be able to vocalize it, but they can sense something is not vibing. It could be a really beautiful logo—but the only way you're going to get a useful, effective logo is to do the deep work that branding strategy requires.

We have to get into the weeds about what your ideal customers truly want to see when looking for your product or service. Then, we craft a brand that speaks to them. At the end of the process, we design a logo that acts as a visual shortcut to the foundational work of branding.

Through the process, you'll learn about your business as if you were just meeting it for the first time—and be asked questions you've never had to answer before. The process is an incredibly eye-opening journey, and we love taking folks on it.

Anatomy of a Brand

A brand is so much more than a logo—it's what your customer feels like when they interact with your business. Below are some of the gold we'll extract in our branding strategy sessions. An effective, salient brand is the keystone to achieving your business goals.


A versatile, unique identifier birthed from your brand identity

color palette

Colors that reflect your brand, mission, and values

brand purpose

Why your business exists. What purpose do you serve? What makes you tick?

brand promise

Your uncompromising commitment to your customers & clients

value proposition

What problems you solve for your customers & what benefits you bestow 

brand values

Everything you do as a business honors these values. Be true to them and they will serve you

brand story

The narrative you express through touchpoints, marketing, and everything else

brand voice

How your brand speaks, feels, thinks, reacts, and cares


Where you land amongst your peers and competitors. The niche you fill

brand essence

A tagline or mantra that communicates the soul of the brand

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