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Odd Fox, Inc. makes hiring a graphic designer a simple and painless process — like ordering tacos. At our bite-size full-service studio, we look forward to translating your vision into a masterpiece.

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Odd Fox, Inc.
Odd Fox, Inc. - Kansas City's Design Boutique

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Odd Fox, Inc. is a full service design studio serving the greater Kansas City region and beyond. We have built a small but experienced team that works with individuals, brands, and agencies on projects large and small. You’ve already found your way to our website, so why not see what we’re all about?

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What we do can be divided into four pockets. Anything you need from Odd Fox, Inc. will likely fit into one or more of these pockets. If you can’t decide on which pocket your need falls into, please click on the ALL SERVICES button below.

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When you hire Odd Fox

...you'll receive a welcome packet with an overview of what to expect at every point on the journey, along with some forms to fill out and return.

Whether you want business cards, a website, or a full branding and identity package for your startup, we've got the know-how and tools to get you on the right track with time to spare.

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Odd Fox, Inc.
Odd Fox, Inc. - Kansas City's Design Boutique